My photography style & vision

I've been running around with a camera in my hand probably since I was eight. Photography was like meditation, expressing thoughts and ideas I couldn't describe through words. I put much heart, work and energy into photography. When I want to take a picture, I know the fact that I am freezing a moment in time that will last for ever and I take that responsibility seriously.

I love making art with my work and photography is the art of holding a single moment, for an eternity.

I take pride in putting people at ease when behind the camera and spotting those authentic moments. The best portraits come to life when we invite real emotions which will eventually yields in natural, timeless, meaningful and true to life imagery that will last for ever.

I believe that beauty shows up best when captured candidly, in a non-obtrusive way. I dream of a world where there are no more fake poses and awkward shoots. In my photography, I try not to force pretty images, instead I’d like to capture real emotions and connections. It's important for me to connect with you as people, to understand who you are and how you express your feelings.

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been to and people we’ve loved.

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