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When I started my photography journey, I had no idea where to start from. I did not realised how many challenges I would face throughout. Most of my experiences have been fundamental, regardless of the ups and downs they brought. They really made what I am today. As a matter of fact both my personal and professional growth, has been built on things I have tried first hand.

I found myself also incredibly passionate about teaching about what I do and how I do it. So I am here to share with you what’s in my head and heart. I will create a space where you can feel understood, advised, inspired!

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I have worked in the photo industry for over 15 years now. I've learned lots of things, business and editing related, and I'm happy to share that knowledge with you. Since 2017 I have been passing on my valuable experience unfiltered in workshops or via 1 to 1 sessions. In my workshops I concentrate on street shooting in London around my favourite locations as well as comprehensive discussions about my approach and how you can implement these skills and knowledge in your own photography.

Moreover, I offer portraits photography and shooting couples in casual or wedding style and show you my type of photography. Photographing couples brings a whole host of problems, different body types, shapes, issues, confidence level, etc. I will simplify all of that and teach you how you can take glorious photos of any couple, anywhere.

I'm here to share what I've learned throughout the years.

What I offer


Online/Video chat


The session will be an informal 2 hours talk with screen share, going through the things that you feel you’re struggling with and you'd like to improve them. In addition, we will also go through all the topic below:

• Finding the right inspiration

• What defines your style

• The subtle art of story telling

• The importance of brand awareness & consistency

• How to bond with your couples

• Workflow & gears

• Your portfolio and social media review



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Shooting Course


You will be taken by Hadi to a real shooting session on the location. Enjoy a comprehensive day covering everything from posing your clients, shooting technique, philosophies to perspective.



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Learn from an EXPERIENCED photographer


Street photography in London

In dark & moody style

Join me for a day comprehensive workshop and discover my methods around my favourite locations in London. During the session I will be covering everything from shooting technique, philosophies, editing advice and getting your work out into the world. Learn how to use natural light to create dramatic and dynamic compositions that have punch.

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What you will learn:

Workshops can be tailored to your specification. In order to discuss this with Hadi as well as choosing a suitable date for you to have your workshop, please get in touch.


Using light
Camera technique
Shooting from the hip purposefully
Creating impact in your work: perspective & scale

Approaching strangers and street photography etiquette

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